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Spartacus Alive

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    Richard Mitzman Architects, London (GB)

    Our proposal is to build a multi purpose pavilion that can house the permanent city collection as well as a wide variety of other visiting exhibitions and other cultural events.Utilising the existing excavated ground level of the arena to house the main body of the building enables the pavilion to sit quietly below the level of the historic churches, pavements and surrounding buildings. Lowering the main level of the pavilion enables a new lowered pedestrian square to be formed.

    The sloped transition between the pedestrian parkland walkway and the lower pavilion square pass through the pavilion and resolve the levels with the existing western road and pedestrian access.The pavilion therefore stands as a contemporary counterpoint within its historic context by re-introducing the upper street level square and introducing a new lowered pavilion square.

    Flexibility and adaptability were the key drivers in the scheme, developing a space that can be easily altered to suit its user.

    Moveable internal and external screens enable the interior volume to adapt and also allow the building in the summer to be fully open onto external pavilion square. This will allow the gallery to exhibit work both internally and externally, while maintaining connectivity.

    Our scheme utilizes the existing pedestrian routes and transport network. There are two pedestrian points of access onto the site, the eastern edge of the site via the parkland walkway and the south western corner of the site that is adjacent to the existing car park.

    Servicing for deliveries is also connected to the existing crossroads in the south western corner of the site.

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