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  • US-90230 Culver City
  • 31.10.2011
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Square Inches of Love


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    Registration deadline 31.10.2011 Registration deadline
    Deadline 15.12.2011
    Procedure Open competition (for students as well)
    Occupational groups offen für alle
    Type of service other services
    Access area weltweit
    Language English
    Design for the smallest parcel of “real estate” ever!!!

    Would you like to participate in the special Design Competition component of Square Inches of Love? Here is a chance to redefine the very basic concept of SPACE. The challenge is to take 20 square inches of “real estate” and let your ideas run wild. Each entry is limited to only 20 square inches of space, but multiple entries are allowed. (1$ per square inch for the total of $20)

    Your entries will share real estate with individuals (designer + non-designer), companies, advertisers, and people from all walks of life as a part of the “Square Inches of Love” project. We will accept registration / submission until the assigned deadlines or until we run out of square inches on our 1000 by 1000 square inch grid.

    Every single entry will be printed on the online grid, on the physical “quilt” along with the “List of Love”. We’re defining the final public exhibition as a “quilt”, however, your submissions will help inspire its eventual form. The winning entry will also receive additional publication along with other prize values, to be announced. The jurors for the competition will be announced after October 31.

    Whether you are applying as an individual, group, or firm bear in mind that this competition offers you the opportunity to promote, not only your ideas but also your business: the loaded images on the “List of Love” can link to a website of your choice. Last but not least, this competition benefits a great cause.

    The evaluation of the proposals will be focused on their innovation + creativity + novelty of the idea.
    Project address US-90230 Culver City

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