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Skins: Facade Design Competition


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    For any living form on this planet, the skin is the largest organ and a fine outer covering. It comes in different textures, colours and adaptability from individual to individual. No one could have ever missed on wondering how differently it is made from species to species on this planet.

    It is impossible to retain this body made of flesh and bones without this magnificent mechanism called skin, that wraps, senses, adapts, retracts, liberates, regenerates and camouflages with the surroundings.

    If you consider a building as a living structure, then those facades are like skins that respond to its interiors and exteriors. Basically, the core characteristics of any form of the outer shell in nature must be dealing with these three main functions: protection, regulation, and sensation.

    If we have to learn from nature, we got to rethink and specify what goes in designing a great facade.
    As we have learned in architecture, the facade is one of the building’s most important exterior elements. The facade sets expectations and defines the feel of the overall structure.

    During classical times, facade perhaps was only important in achieving superior aesthetics. But now it has a crucial functional role; especially in light transmittance, acoustics performance and energy efficiency.

    Today’s global context lets everyone to build facades of their own desire. Now corporate buildings are booming up everywhere in the urban setting, we need architects and designers to derive with innovative skins for the office spaces that make us feel different.

    India, as we know, having a highly diverse culture, is growing exponentially in recent years. The advent of information technology to this country has changed the face of urban lifestyle.

    Well, some of the cities like Bengaluru has been benefited by this immensely and hence nicknamed as Silicon Valley of India. Moreover, the apparent infrastructure that comes with this fact demands the so-called ‘Tech parks’ in the city. And here we have an opportunity for you to design their SKINS.
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