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  • 29.01.2020
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The City Link - Discovering a public space on a cycling bridge


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    Anmeldeschluss 29.01.2020 Anmeldeschluss
    voraussichtliche Entscheidung : 20.03.2020
    Abgabetermin 08.02.2020
    Verfahren Offener Ideenwettbewerb (auch für Studenten)
    Gebäudetyp Verkehr
    Art der Leistung Objektplanung Ingenieurbauwerke
    Sprache Englisch
    Civilizations were made when humans were able to mobilize large distances. Fast-forwarding this to the current era, where science and technology have spread immensely, mobility and transportation is now easier than ever. The places we live in are becoming larger in scale every day and to mobilize people, transportation had to evolve with it.

    Cities began to be reshaped more harshly to serve the growing need of vehicles; urban planning of cities was dominated by transport centric designs. Consequently, leaving no space for the pedestrians and cyclists, where human activities took place majorly, at a much slower pace.

    On the contrary, some places that did not want cars to define their city streets and brought a permanent change.

    Brief: The challenge here is to design a bridge for pedestrian and cycling that is not limited in its absolute function. It must utilize the bridge as a powerful public space as well as a pioneer for tourists or first-time cyclists to explore the city.

    A bridge that usually serves a single purpose of cutting the travel time between two destinations can be explored for more. In urban areas that are already condensed with built structures, a functional bridge can be a turning point in shaping architectural experiments.
    Projektadresse DK-Kopenhagen

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