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    NEW neighbourHUT

    Studenten der Architektur
    Edyta Nieciecka

    In Zusammenarbeit mit:
    Architekten, Stadtplaner: Stanislaw Tomaszewsk
    Visualisierer: Michał Niemyjski

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    Beurteilung durch das Preisgericht

    The project proposes a clear spatial structure as well as the possible relations between the consisting parts of it. The general principles of the project such as providing the zone of buffer functions and creating the system of neighborhoods composed into the grid of the green belts are very convincing. The proposals concerning the use of the railway sidings, the intermodal hub, and the tramway loop seem to be very proper.

    The temporary use of the zone B seem convincing and the right answer to the objectives concerning that area.

    The relation between the production and the other function is generally properly solved, however the decisions concerning the area D are problematic.

    In some of the details project seems to be not perfectly developed. Among the problematic questions are the relations between the proposed tramway loop and the proposed neighborhoods, between the new metro stations and the proposed neighborhoods as well as between the metro stations and the tramway loop. The problematic question is also the proposal of the locating the artificial lakes for fish farming at the threshold of the steel mill. Thought by the authors as the part of the buffer zone in fact would strengthen the noise of the steel mill production. The D-Zone neighborhood is located to close to the noisy production facilities.

    In some fields the projects seems not to be fully clear.

    The project provides the convincing set of the intensions and general guidelines concerning the area but in order to be fully convincing it would need further development as well as some changes. A repertoire of the solutions proposed in the project, fits into the subject of the Productive Cities.


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