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    labor4+, Dresden (DE)

    Jan Adolph , Florian Alles , Dirk Hamann , Prof. Franziska Schieferdecker

    2.000 EUR

    The large expanse of the beach offers the city of Figueira da Foz and Buarcos the unique opportunity to redefine the esplanade and to make better use of the beach as a public space.
    The draft envisages a landscape park which represents a natural passage from the beach to the city with its dunes and pine groves. The park invites to stay and offers various spaces for recreational activities. These spaces are connected on the one hand to the city and also with each other by beach trails.
    The structural interference and areas of intensive public use are concentrated along important marks relevant to town planning along a connecting esplanade.
    Outlooks with different themes and functions are inserted into the beach area. They interlock the city with the beach and provide a view onto the sea and a barrier-free access to the beach.
    The concept conveys between landscape and populated spaces and connects urban landscape with natural spaces in divergent ways.
    The ultimate aim is a unity of urban life, touristic use and natural spaces.

    The coastal landscape is grouped by a dune area, consisting of foredunes, white dunes, green dunes and a brown dune composed of pine trees (Pinus pinea).
    The sedimentation is initiated by sand trap fences and consolidated by planting of sand-sedge (Ammophila arenaria). A protected rearward area is created by the successive accretion of sand and growing height of the dunes. This space in the shade of the pine groves with its large and smaller glades can be used extensively for sports and recreation.

    Local public infrastructure:
    The allotment system leads the visitors directly across footbridges and a overriding beach path through the landscape, thereby protecting the dunes from overexploitation.
    The beach path winds in-between the dune area and the pine park and connects the overviews and the sports and leisure facilities. There are resting places and small pass-overs into the dune zone and the pine park.
    The pier and footpaths provide direct access to the sea, facilities such as changing rooms, showers as well as a diving tower for the bathers.

    The divided lanes of the Av. do Brasil will be connected so that a grass strip is added to the esplanade and can be used as a part of the park. To both sides of the street parking areas will be provided. Parking will be at right angle to the road in order to accommodate the summer afflux. A broad footway as well as a bike trail will be added to the esplanade which is bounded towards the beach area by a wall.

    Beurteilung durch das Preisgericht

    Mérito Absoluto:
    Cumbre com todos os requisitos, de acordo com o n°12 dos Termos de Referência referente aos documentos que materializam os trabalhos de concepção e panéis (ponto 2 do Art. 12), incluindo peças gráficas/desenhadas a contemplar obrigatoriamente.

    Mérito Relativo:
    Criação de um cordão dunar como componente integrante de um adequado parque linear que preenche toda a ante-praia. Criação de pontos de vista privilegiados sobre a frente construída marítima a partir do mar e relacionados com áreas em terra de maior intensidade programática.
    Destaca-se ainda a coerência e qualidade gráfica dos panéis apresentados.


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