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    terra.nova Landschaftsarchitektur, München (DE) Büroprofil

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    Architekten: Fink+Jocher, Gesellschaft von Architekten und Stadtplanern mbH, München (DE)

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    this is a strategy to generate one coherent piece of landscape. in between the strong urban shape the new landscape acts like a fluid. dispersion and compression as the main components of our design defines the level of greenery and pavement. Considering the main access lines the clumps of pixels create the pictographic structure of the new landscape.

    The next step will be de definition of various characters and atmospheres depending on the local situation of the surrounding area.

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    Beginning with the existing buildings of the former railway station the landscape seems to be more urban. Sealed surfaces preponderance, the greenery in between creates a robust lawn. Several places of abidance with long flat watertabels emphasise the public character of this zone.

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    Part two is defined by dense birch trees in between bloomy meadows. In front of the building-zone high grasfields protect the privacy.

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    Huge trees lead to the green space connecting the boardwalk with the riverside’s floodplain. Several places for intensive use are interspersed, like little gardens and playgrounds.

    Beurteilung durch das Preisgericht

    The scheme has been thoroughly worked through. It provides extremely flexible flat sizes on aflexible grid. The layouts of both offices and housing are adaptable and offer good designsolutions. Possible monotony and monumentality of the design were controversially discussedamongst the Jury members. The potentially monumental character of the elevations is alleviatedby the sculptured appearance.The landscape pattern representing a transitional zone between the river landscape and theurban area to the south is expressed in alternating intensities of hard and soft surface treatment.Although the proposal shows an interesting approach, it is doubtful whether the intended fluiditywould transpose to detail level.