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  • 06/2013
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Deichpark: Veddel Nord

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    West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v., Rotterdam (NL)

    On 18th June 2013 West 8 was announced as the winner of the design competition for Veddel North, a riverside community which lies on the south bank of the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany.

    The three-month long competition sought creative and practical design concepts to optimize the spatial qualities of flood protection systems and improve the residential and commercial areas on the north bank of Veddel.

    West 8’s winning proposal addresses the current disconnect of the former Veddeler Market area, currently a highway exit, which is burdened by heavy traffic infrastructure and noise pollution.

    The design emphasizes the site’s unique location on the banks of the river Elbe near the large Elbe bridges (which form an important entrance to the city of Hamburg) and builds upon the revitalization of the lost Veddeler Market to create a vision of a multi-layered mixed use environment. It uses the fragmented structure of the existing buildings to form the basic framework for a multipronged approach to urban planning.

    West 8 submitted a joint proposal for Veddel North and Klütjenfelder Hauptdeich but IBA Hamburg chose only to advance West 8’s proposal for the Veddel North area.

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