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Office statement Our office work concerns designing open spaces, both private and public spaces. Our strength lies in the ability of making abstract conceptual plans to very concrete detailed implementation-designs. Often we have a design-studio way of working, whereby different designers, sometimes from outside the office, join their creativity to make a good design for a high-quality open space. Because of our different backgrounds and expertise, we can cover the whole range of concept plans till specifications- and detailed drawings. This way of working and our experience make it possible to make special and realistic designs. Most of our projects are complex projects in public space. Therefore in most of the projects we cooperate with other participants and consultants. Our office can work flexible and is capable of providing various demands of efforts. We work on the projects because we like to design good functional and beautiful spaces. Thus we are willing to increase the efforts and the amount of people working on projects if a project needs it. In our office we the design-team is organised so that the project manager mainly controls the project. The project responsible architect has regular contact with the project manager and the other designers at OKRA, through all the possible communication modes (phone, fax and e-mail). In our documentation you will find several projects that are situated outside Holland. In these projects and working surroundings where are used to work in multinational teams. Even our own office is such a team with employees from Demark, Great Britain and Germany. Team members For projects we put together a project team suitable for the specific project. Within OKRA we have a broad expertise in Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Architectural Design and Civil and Green Engineering. The following people are available to participate in the project team, and have worked on varied assignments in the past.