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  • 02/2018
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  • (ID 3-281898)

National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum in Kyiv - Nomination 1 - Memorial

Offener Wettbewerb

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      MIstudio, Lviv (UA)

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      blauraum, Hamburg (DE), Berlin (DE) Büroprofil

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      Atelier . Schmelzer . Weber, Dresden (DE)

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      Prof. Andreas Theurer, Berlin (DE) Personenprofil

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    Entscheidung 02/2018 Entscheidung
    Verfahren Offener Wettbewerb
    Gebäudetyp Denkmäler, Gedenkstätten
    Art der Leistung Objektplanung Freianlagen
    Sprachen Englisch, Ukrainisch
    Betreuer [phase eins]., Berlin (DE)
    Memory of Maidan

    The set of events and efforts that formed the basis of the phenomenon of Euromaidan, currently have inambiguous interpretation and evaluation, but certainly, we can say: Maidan became a kind of epicenter of major changes in the country and a symbol of patriotism and sacrifice. It started the process of transformation, not only on the political scene, but also commenced social and cultural transformations. Obviously, the consequences of this explosion of anger and dignity, which unleashed enormous social energy, will be felt for decades both in geopolitical terms and in internal social and political relations. The significance of the event, the memory of hundreds of people who paid with their lives for their choices and civil position, determine the need for its full comprehension and study, preservation and presentation of historical memory.

    Aim and objective

    - To choose the best project proposal by the competition procedure for realization
    - To involve the best architects from different countries because of the worldwide level of the Maidan activities
    - To take into account the previous work for the memorialization and museumification of Revolution of Dignity field and to raise a question of the future of Ukraine by the architecture and arts instruments.

    The international design competition is organized as an anonymous two-stage project competition with an open pre-qualification procedure.

    The competition is divided in two competition parts (“nominations”) – the memorial and the museum. These tasks are subject of two parallel processes in Stage 1. For each part (“maidan memorial competition” and “maidan museum competition”), different competitors will be selected. At the end of Stage 1, after a public viewing - the winning design for the “maidan memorial” will be selected by the jury and publically announced. Subsequently the winning scheme of the memorial is to be integrated into all design proposals of Stage 2 of the “maidan museum competition”.

    Despite the division in two parts, both memorial and museum are regarded as interacting subjects, that shall be developed in an intertwining process. To support the interaction, both subjects are integrated in the two-stage competition. 


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