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  • 03/2018
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24h competition 22th edition – fire

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    Entscheidung 03/2018 Entscheidung
    Verfahren Offener Wettbewerb
    Gebäudetyp Feuerwehr, Polizei, Vollzug
    Art der Leistung Objektplanung Gebäude
    Auslober/Bauherr Ideas Forward, Lissabon (PT)

    The climate is changing and its effects are already beginning to notice. Temperatures increased and the dangers of incinerations increased proportionately. 2017 was a year marked by large fires that claimed many lives. Consider the case of Portugal with more than 200 thousand hectares of burned area, or the case of Canada with more than 300 houses burned. All over the world the fire burned without mercy. The same fire that gives us light and heat may be the same fire that gives us darkness and smoke. The planet is a living fuel for the strength of a flame and it is not difficult to hear of world tragedies caused by uncontrolled flames that devastate populations and forests. Nature is not controlled, it is a fact, but, as rational beings that we are, we can minimize the damages if we are alert and create the favorable conditions to beware of purposeful human actions or unforeseen natural actions. Watchtowers have been used for many centuries, in varying forms, on land, and at sea. Why not take advantage of the teachings of secular experience and innovate it, once again, in search of this almost perfect balance that nature offers us every day?


    Fire: extravagant, egocentric, impulsive, strong, irresponsible and adventurous. One of the 4 elements of nature and the greatest achievement of the human being, which allowed the survival of the species. With fire, Man developed the protection, the comfort of cold nights, the search for light and discovered the cooked food. He controlled it for his own benefit, changed survival habits in a dramatic way, and nowadays, fire can be a symbol of destruction and danger, giving it a negative connotation, or a symbol of rebirth and renewal of forces divine. Fire can be heaven or hell, peace or war, a small ou big flame. One thing is certain, whoever plays with it can get burned.
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