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  • MX Ciudad de México, MX-51200 Valle de Bravo
  • 10/2019
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Hotel Zen Lighthouse

Offener Wettbewerb (auch für Studenten)

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    Entscheidung 07.10.2019 Entscheidung
    Verfahren Offener Wettbewerb (auch für Studenten)
    Gebäudetyp Landschaft und Freiraum / Tourismus, Gastronomie
    Art der Leistung Objektplanung Gebäude / Objektplanung Freianlagen
    Sprache Spanisch
    Preisgelder/Honorare 3.000 USD
    Auslober/Bauherr Concursos AG360, Mexico City (MX)
    Valle de Bravo is a municipality located on Lake Avándaro, west of Mexico City. The lake is surrounded by wooded mountains and is a water sports center.
    Its main attraction is the lagoon, where a variety of water sports and extreme sports are held around the magical town. Likewise, the lake is used for sport fishing, sailing regattas and water skiing.
    On the other hand, the town also has three eighteen-hole golf professional courses, countless excellent restaurants serving typical, international, Italian and French food, art and craft shops and places for relaxation.
    The place is known for its typical architecture, traditional of the colonial era and attracts countless domestic and foreign tourists.
    The town of Valle de Bravo has been a holiday destination for the inhabitants of Mexico City for several decades, due to its proximity; over time, its tourist clientele has gone from being national, to having tourists from all over the world.

    A Sensory / Spa Hotel will be conceptualized, exclusive that will provide both lodging and Spa services for entry-by-exit. A Beacon of Light will be projected that will serve as viewpoint and landmark of the lake and will become a reference element from any point of the perimeter of the same. The Lighthouse may be part of the architectural element of the Hotel, or may be completely independent, but with the same language.
    Hotel Zen Lighthouse will be located on a plot of 9,000m2 in front of Lake Avandaro, in an exclusive area of the region and can be accessed by road or ship, so a dock for small yachts should be designed, which will be part of the architectural visual of the whole.
    All the architectural elements must have a direct relationship with the lake and framed in a sustainable environment.

    Location of proposed land to Hotel Zen Lighthouse (9,000 m2).

    02 th june 2019 | Call to announcement
    10 th june 2019| Start of inscriptions
    10 th july 2019 | Completion of the first stage of inscriptions
    02 th august 2019 | Ad members of the Jury
    11 th august 2019 | End of consultation period
    12 th august 2019 | Completion of the second stage of inscriptions
    13 th september 2019 | End of registration period
    25 th september 2019 | Deadline for submission of proposals
    07 th october 2019 | Judgment of the jury
    11 th october 2019 | Dissemination of results
    15 th october 2019 | Awards

    RATES Special Registration:
    From 10th June until 10th July: US $ 62.00

    Early Registration:
    From 11th July until 12th August: US $ 82.00

    Late Registration:
    From 13th August until 13th September: US $ 97.00


    1º PRICE US $ 2,500 
    Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide. 
    Virtual booklet of the best proposals. 

    2º PRICE US $ 500 
    Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide. 
    Virtual booklet of the best proposals. 

    Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide. 
    Virtual booklet of the best proposals.

    Check the complete RULES in www.concursosag360.com


    Adresse des Bauherren MX-Ciudad de México
    Projektadresse MX-51200 Valle de Bravo
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