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  • 07/2019
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MK:U – Neues Universitätsquartier Milton Keynes (GB)

Nichtoffener Wettbewerb, Zweistufig

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    Entscheidung 07/2019 Entscheidung
    Verfahren Nichtoffener Wettbewerb, Zweistufig
    Teilnehmer Gewünschte Teilnehmerzahl: max. 5
    Bewerber: 53
    Tatsächliche Teilnehmer 2. Phase: 5
    Gebäudetyp Hochschulen, Wissenschaft und Forschung
    Art der Leistung Objektplanung Gebäude / Objektplanung Freianlagen / Stadt-/ Gebietsplanung
    Sprache Englisch
    Preisgelder/Honorare 150.000 GBP
    Auslober/Bauherr Milton Keynes Council, Milton Keynes (GB), Cranfield University, Cranfield (GB)
    Betreuer Malcolm Reading Consultants, London (GB)
    Preisrichter Professor Sir Peter Gregson, Professor Dame Madeleine Atkins, Sir Peter Bazalgette, Joe Berridge, Nathan Bostock, Dr Rebecca Kurth, Peter Marland, Sumit Paul-Choudhury, Professor Lynette Ryals, Phil Smith, Anthony Spira, Paul Williams
    MK:U is a new model university in the Oxford to Cambridge innovation arc which will focus on digital economy skills and practical, business-focused courses, and plans to offer fast-track two-year degrees.

    MK:U, a partnership between Milton Keynes Council and Cranfield University, will use the new University Quarter and the wider city as a ​‘living lab’ to test out new concepts and ideas and inspire MK’s students and citizens. Benefitting from the last major undeveloped site in the city centre, and mixing university facilities with public spaces, MK:U will also be a destination open 24/7, welcoming the wider community.

    MK:U’s design needs to:
    • Create an exemplary iconic physical presence for MK:U and showcase this new model University as: open, accessible, dynamic, technologically focused, innovative, diverse, business-oriented and entrepreneurial.
    • Achieve an outstanding synthesis of architecture, landscaping, public realm and student experience to set a new standard in university architecture and create a memorable destination for citizens.
    • Reinvigorate Milton Keynes with exceptional placemaking and architecture that enhances the city’s pioneering urban design and connection to nature, whilst affirming and supporting its developing identity as a ‘Smart City’ that welcomes the application of new technologies to citizens’ lives.
    • Affirm sustainable values — from design through to operations and use — achieving a near zero energy target, making design choices incorporating energy-saving, green technologies where possible, and respecting the natural environment.
    • Give students a highly-attractive, safe and sociable learning environment with excellent connectivity and flexibility that supports MK:U’s ambitions for innovative teaching models, including industry-based learning.
    • Establish a welcoming and outward-facing city centre University Quarter that mixes university facilities with public spaces, that brings a ‘buzz’ to the public realm during both day and night and encourages all users of Central Milton Keynes to enter the site in a secure way.

    The shortlisting panel met in March 2019 and selected five teams. These teams were asked to prepare a masterplan for the 10-hectare site and concept designs for 61,120sqm of built area, including key buildings. 

    An honorarium of £30,000 will be paid to each finalist team for their competition work.


    Ausstellung The designs, along with physical models and videos, will also go on display in a free exhibition, Milton Keynes: A Journey to 2050, between 4–7 July 2019 in Middleton Hall, thecentre:mk, Milton Keynes. MKC is encouraging public feedback on the concepts, either by comment card or email to MTdmZG45ZlplXGhlZmteWl1iZ2AnXGhm. Feedback will be passed to the twelve competition jurors who will meet to interview the teams and select the winner later in the month.
    Projektadresse UK-MK9 2FW Milton Keynes
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