Nichtoffener Wettbewerb | 10/2010

Außenanlagen Campus Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

1. Preis

Karres en Brands



In October 2010, Karres en Brands Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning was awarded 1st prize for their project submission for the Leuphana University campus competition in Lüneburg , Germany.

The centre of the campus shifts by the realisation of a new main building designed by Daniel Libeskind. In Libeskind’s design five powerful ‘strokes’ represent the new connections on the campus. Reinterpretation of these strokes was the basis for the competition. Furthermore identity, water management and sustainable practice were set as most vital criteria for the competition; this is in response to the University’s ambitious aim of achieving 100% water infiltration and carbon neutral targets in 2012.

The young team of Karres en Brands demonstrated a strong effort and materialised a project that creatively focused on dealing with sustainable water management solutions. Furthermore this specific aspect of the design not only dealt with water infiltration but also focused on the importance of educating and including the future users of the design into the process of sustainable water management.

All inspirations for the design of Karres en Brands came from the campus site; the site has many qualities and has several layers, as an orthogonal gird of military buildings, old trees, a high valued ecological biotope and topography with a height difference of 6 meters. All these elements are integrated in the design of Karres en Brands and connected with the water system. Altogether they serve one more goal: creating a campus in which meeting and residing are possible again.

The construction works for the first phase (around the new main building) will start in Spring 2012. Completion is due in 2014.