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Development of a master plan for the Astrakhan agglomeration (RU)

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Southern Urban Planning Centre

Stadtplanung / St├Ądtebau


Stadtplanung / St├Ądtebau

OKRA landschapsarchitecten

Landschaftsarchitektur, Stadtplanung / St├Ądtebau

Tasca Studio


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The project of master plan from the consortium headed by the "Southern Urban Planning Centre" forms 10 main directions for the development of the agglomeration, among which the most important are infrastructure, transport and culture. We propose a systematic reconstruction of the infrastructure, with the replacement of a significant part of the engineering networks, the restart of the urban transport system in Astrakhan with the creation of transport hubs, and the improvement of the route network in the rest of the agglomeration. It is envisaged to build bypasses in Astrakhan, Krasny Yar and Ikryanoye, as well as to reduce the number of ÔÇťferryÔÇŁ villages due to the construction of new and reconstruction of existing roads and bridges. It is offered a list of cultural heritage sites that are subject to reconstruction and restoration in the first place. Due to the comprehensive reconstruction of historical buildings, new tourist flows will be attracted to Astrakhan. The model of tourism in the agglomeration over the next 10 years should be changed from the currently dominant linear scheme "airport - fishing - airport" to a network of more complex routes, including Astrakhan as the main center of cultural and educational tourism. It is proposed to develop a green frame system for the territory of the agglomeration and the regional center through the reconstruction of embankments, existing green spaces and the creation of a network of small landscaping objects - city squares, playgrounds, accesses to the water. Four sites for urban development have been worked out in more detail way: an eco-park on the City Island and quarters adjacent to the Opera House in Astrakhan, as well as new residential areas in the city of Narimanov and the Liman village.