Einladungswettbewerb | 06/2012

Ejby Erhvervsområde / Ejby Gewerbegebiet


Christensen & Co arkitekter

Architektur, Stadtplanung / Städtebau

OKRA landschapsarchitecten


Active City Transformation ACT

Landschaftsarchitektur, Stadtplanung / Städtebau

Smith Innovation



OKRA has won the competition, Ejby Business area in Glostrup Kommune near Copenhagen. Together with Danish offices CCO, ACT and Smith Innovation, OKRA created a sustainable and innovative development strategy focused on the creation of diverse programme and use of public space.


With Ejby Campus we see an exciting opportunity to rethink the business areas of suburbia. Like many of the similar business and industrial areas at the outskirts of greater Copenhagen, Ejby Business area currently plays an important role in providing economically attractive workplaces in an accessible, open and green setting. The fact that Ejby erhvervspark has grown steadily since the 60‚Äôies ‚Äďthrough many economic up- and downturns- is evidence that these qualities are a strong foundation for healthy growth.

Looking at the development plan the most apparent element is the strong green connection from North to South across the site. We strongly believe that Ejby erhvervspark’s greatest asset is its relation to open, green spaces. In fact this applies not only to Ejby erhvervspark but fundamentally to surburbia.

In addition the great green band across the site a dense network of roads and pathways is introduced to ensure intricate connectivity and provide opportunity to enjoy the area’s proposed recreational qualities.

Our vision for the site is contained within the name ‚ÄúEjby Campus‚ÄĚ ‚Äď which we feel captures the quality of a well-balanced relation between natural landscape and building. Inside the Campus we identify three different subareas. ‚ÄúByporten‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúParken‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúEjbyen‚ÄĚ

Again we derive these three subareas this from our reading of the existing site. From west to east we first find the narrow strip along Ringvejen is extremely well exposed to traffic while shielding the current erhvervspark with its tall, green wall of trees. Next, in the centre of the site, large structures are placed in open and green fields. Currently somewhat dull fields -granted- but with an obvious potential for growth ‚Äď in terms of vegetation, in terms of use and in terms of business. Lastly, at the easternmost side, we have a much denser fabric of buildings ranging in from small to medium size businesses that provide an even wider range of services. Split by mis-kept stream of water and a strong invisible municipal line this area adjoins an almost identical area twice the size.

By understanding Ejby Campus as an entity that is comprised of three significantly different areas means we can approach the whole site with a more robust and finely tuned strategy. Nurturing the existing differences ultimately means a more dynamic, varied and attractive business area in the future.