Offener Wettbewerb | 11/2013

Get a bike. Break free!

oslo cycling for all

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Preisgeld: 100.000 NOK

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Witteveen + Bos


Grindaker as Landskapsarkitekter



OSLO Cycling For All

The city of Oslo has the ambition to become a leading region for cycling. Today a low percentage of inner city movement is made by bike. It appears that outside the long and cold winters cycling through the centre of Oslo is currently not very attractive. To inject a radical change the innovation centre, together with the city of Oslo, announced the ideas competition 'Future Built'.

Access For All
Instead of only focusing on the cyclists and their needs, the team opted for an integrated approach. By looking at the car movements, parking strategies and public transport networks, the team knew how to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the competition. The result will be not only a bike friendly city centre, but also a centre that is accessible for everyone.

Individual routes
The plan approaches the problem from the entire city, but also from the individual user. Researching answers to the following questions: What conditions are required for users to automatically choose their bike? How to meet the needs of the individual cyclist whilst retaining a functioning overall traffic system?

This proposal shows that with an integral approach to all transport modes, the desired aims for cyclists can be achieved

Beurteilung durch das Preisgericht

The jury conclude that the proposal contains specific, ambitious and innovative suggestions
for changing priorities within the city’s street pattern. The proposal outlines the consequences of meeting the goal of 50% of transport by bicycle. It is positive that the proposal addresses
infrastructure issues whilst also demonstrating how individual streets can be designed. This
entry is a useful contribution to the discussion on how city centre streets can facilitate
cycling and simultaneously improve the urban environment.
Proposed car traffic network

Proposed car traffic network

proposed main bicycle network

proposed main bicycle network

proposed public transport network

proposed public transport network