Award / Auszeichnung | 06/2023

New European Bauhaus Champions 2023

Biodiversity Green Area

Biodiversity Green Area

Aalborg East: From isolated to inclusive

DK-9000 Aalborg

Winner | Prioritising the places and people that need it the most

Himmerland Boligforening



  • GebĂ€udetyp:

    StÀdtebauliche Projekte

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    keine Angabe

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    Baubeginn: 01/2012
    Fertigstellung: 01/2022


An isolated an deprived residential area in Denmark's fourth-largest city had, since its construction in the 1960s and 70s, experienced increasing decline and negative spiral. The shops closed, people were unhappy, there was crime and unemployment. But there was also potential - and hope. Something had to happen, and therefore more than 2,000 affordable homes were included in a major urban transformation project, where homes were renovated, new shops were added, private homes were built and a number of social initiatives were adopted. The unique thing was that the residents have sat at the table as urban planners. All the way from strategy to implementation, there has been a focus on those who lived in the city and otherwise went about in their everyday life.

And it has succeeded. Now Aalborg East, as the district is called, is an area of well-being with safe areas, no crime and great economic growth. The driver has been affordable housing and resident democratic processes. In this setting, we will focus on how we have built up methods that can be transferred to other projects throughout Europe - and hopefully help to create inspiration and well-being for others in difficult situations.

Project planning started in 2008 and construction began in 2012 - finally completed in 2021. No homes have been demolished, no residents have been displaced. Good, safe solutions have been found and life has changed for the better.


Common Area Senior Housing

Common Area Senior Housing