Award / Auszeichnung | 06/2023

New European Bauhaus Champions 2023

TOVA: Spain’s first 3D printed building

ES-08001 Barcelona

Winner | Shaping a circular industrial ecosystem and supporting life-cycle thinking

IAAC Institut d'Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya

UniversitÀten / Hochschulen




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The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) presents its first building made with earth and a 3D printer, a valuable addition to the recent emergence of a multitude of 3d printed building solutions around the world. The project results from the ongoing research conducted by IAAC towards 3D printing architecture with an aim to develop realistic architectural solutions that use additive manufacturing to provide sustainable, affordable and community-based processes of housing construction.
The construction has been carried out at the Valldaura Labs facilities, in the natural park of Collseolla, in the outskirts of Barcelona. The prototype, completed with locally sourced earthen materials, certifies the potentials of 3d printing with sustainable materials, in response to the current climate challenges and housing emergencies. TOVA further demonstrates the relevance of implementing past craftsmanship techniques — vernacular earthen architecture — with those of the future — large scale 3D printing technology — in the contemporary built environment.
The project has been developed by the 3dPA postgraduate research programme at IAAC. The objective of this applied research programme is to train young architects and academics with the proper knowledge and tools in accordance with the future of construction and further explore the possibilities and potential of additive manufacturing in this sector.
In a context where the current construction methods are responsible for around 40 % of CO2 emissions, ‘TOVA’ stands out for being one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly construction forms that can be applied today. This prototype is the beginning of a larger research project in collaboration with WASP, which will result in the construction of a complete 3d printed house with earthen materials.