Award / Auszeichnung | 06/2023

New European Bauhaus Education Champions 2023

Land&Hand: the landscape, its materials and the craftsmanship of the future

NL-1014 Amsterdam

Winner | Shaping a circular industrial ecosystem and supporting life-cycle thinking


Design, Kunst, Szenographie


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    Museen, Ausstellungsbauten

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    In Vorbereitung

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Land&Hand is a multi-year project, implemented in eight Dutch provinces, developed by KETTER&Co, a collective of artists and designers, that strives for a sustainable, circular and inclusive landscape and society. The project revolves around the interaction between local landscapes, its materials and the craftsmanship connected to it. Focusing on local agendas and practices, future generations are placed at the centre of the development of innovative, circular and aesthetic solutions to sustainability issues. The initiative aims to bond students to the landscape that surrounds them and to strengthen their understanding of sustainability, circularity and materiality. We do so by developing new learning environments and methods, using our expertise in art education, through which we teach students how to engage with their local landscape, the materials that are found in it and the local craftsmanship connected to it. The development of collaborations between vocational education, local entrepreneurs and landscape organizations results in cyclical awareness amongst students as well as an interdisciplinary and sustainable local network of students, craftsmen, businesses and policymakers.

The Land&Hand project is driven by an inclusive agenda. The project celebrates the work of craftsmen and highlights the importance of craftsmanship in an increasingly industrialized and globalized world. In line with this, it acknowledges the distinct value of vocational education, a value which is largely overseen in the knowledge economy that characterizes the Netherlands. Vocational schools educate the craftsmen of the future. The Land&Hand project offers these future craftsmen perspectives and practical design-driven skills to interpret the environment that surrounds them. Through a practical project at a physical location with a set framework and toolbox for teachers, students enter into a relationship with the landscape and the associated manufacturing industry.