Verhandlungsverfahren | 07/2009

Planungsleistungen nach § 15 HOAI zum Neubau eines zentralen Museumsdepots der Klassik Stiftung Weimar


heneghan peng architects



This art depot and conservation centre accomodates artefacts ministered by the “Klassik Stiftung Weimar” - one of the most outstanding cultural institutions in Germany - on 4000 m² of storage space.

It provides four climate zones to meet the climatic requirements for the various artefacts and five types of workshops for conservation.

This new facility aims to unify all of the foundations art objects that are currently distributed to approximately twenty storage facilities of all kind and standard into one climate controlled space with highest security and storage technology standards.
The variety of exhibits to be stored resulted in differentiated spatial and environmental requirements as well as high requirements on the security of the whole area.

The architectural approach to this project is a simple and elegant arrangement of boxes that reflects on the functionality but also the mystique aura of an art museum.

Though the Arts Depot is a warehouse in the first place and the rectilinear, clear lines express this functional aspect, a dress of night blue render with glimmering particles also creates the impression of a precious chest securely enclosing treasures.

The volume of the central delivery and distribution zone to the loading area on the ground floor rises above the adjacent workshops and storerooms, containing the servicing areas to the building, and thus forms a focus, that is visible from the Ettersburger Road and gives the building a certain prominence within the urban fabric.