Einladungswettbewerb | 01/2021

Siemens Healthineers Campus in Bengaluru (IN)

2. Preis

Preisgeld: 24.000 EUR

Henning Larsen Architects


Ramboll India Pvt. Ltd.


Beurteilung durch das Preisgericht

The jury appreciated the philosophy of design that sought a holistic synthesis of sustainable construction, the geographical context and an emergent aspirational culture. The design was a sensitive response to the experiential qualities of the workplace and the values of health and Nature, as researched by the social survey conducted by the designers.
The disposition and variations in the heights of the buildings around the courtyard creates an urban fabric that humanises the intensity of development. The interaction of all workspaces, including the factory, with the generous and activated central court effectively symbolises the Healthineers community.
The climatic response is systematic in reducing the impact of radiant gains, while offering
advantage of ambient air during pleasant seasons. With the integration of accessible green roof terraces and play of water in the central courtyard to produce a favourable microclimate on the campus, an integrated sustainable design for energy efficiency is optimised. The Jury noted the designers keeping the net zero target in focus.
The commendable overall concept, however, is challenged by the statutory requirements for setbacks and distances between buildings. The reliance on exposed reinforced concrete for the external structural elements of the buildings may pose maintenance issues in the long term.
While the design is appreciated for its sensitivity and sophistication, the Jury felt that it needed the elan of a cutting-edge innovative advance which would represent the ethos of Healthineers as a global brand.