Einladungswettbewerb | 12/2021

Urban Design and Architecture Conceptual Design for Lingang Avenue Station-City in Shanghai (CN)

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Stadtplanung / Städtebau

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Architektur, Stadtplanung / Städtebau

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1.The research on functional trades is comprehensive and in-depth, and the layout reflects the diversity of mixed functions for the target population.
2.The overall layout highlights the guidance of "TOD" and sees the spatial characteristics of "cluster cities". The oblique air corridor not only shortens the distance between the surrounding neighborhoods and the metro, but also conforms to the orientation of the residence. Residential neighborhood layout respects the residential orientation and integrity of street outline.
3.The urban complex provides the experience of recreation and viewing at heights, forming a strong iconic gateway image. However, the design detailing inside the building is insufficient. The huge volume and the demand for air corridor connection make the design difficult to realize.
4.The layout of the core area is not compact enough, and the connection of public activities on the ground is weak, especially the inconvenient connection along the north and south sides of the urban complex.
5.The targeted carbon neutralization strategy proposed in the design can be duly referenced.