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eckhart park design competition

  • 1st Prize

    Martin Kläschen

    Martin Kläschen , Carl Ray Miller

    In collaboration with:
    Architects: Carl Ray Miller

    Explanatory text
    Eckhart Park Advisory Council recently announced winners for the Noble Square park’s design competition. The Eckhart Park Design Competition called for submissions to recognize donors to the park’s redevelopment plan. Martin Klaeschen and Carl Ray Miller’s winning design focused on a donor recognition wall with an earthen mound that would act as both stage and seating for park activities.

    The location of the Eckhart Park public display is positioned facing Noble Street towards the West which is the most public access point to the park. The spatial configuration of the design creates a clear transition between the sidewalk and the park plane. The design strategy is articulated by two distinct elements. A Corten steel band that functions as the display surface and as a retaining wall for an earth made mound. This mound has several slopes on all sides that provide opportunities of interaction with the park and street. The steepest sloping side shows toward Noble Street and functions as the donors display wall. All other slopes are facing toward the park and provide sites for various activities to occur upon it. The mound's performance to the park is not only thought of as a viewing platform that captures vistas of the playing fields and activities of its users but also as an initiator for a multitude of potential activities throughout the year such as a sledding slope, stage, seating for spectators, etc…

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