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  • RU-150040 Yaroslavl
  • 05/2013
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International competition Architecture and Food

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Open competition (for students as well)

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    Decision 30.05.2013 Decision
    Procedure Open competition (for students as well)
    Occupational groups Architects, Architecture students, Art students, Artists, Design students, Designers, Facade planners, Interior design student, Interior designers, Landscape architects, Landscape architecture students, Environmental planners, Lighting designers, Structural engineers
    Type of building Wholesale and retail markets
    Type of service Architectural design
    Access area weltweit
    Languages English, Russian
    Baukosten 10.000 EUR inkl. USt.
    "Gourmanization of the Space" - Taste in architecture is like the taste of food.
    The competition consists of two parts: a conceptual and practical, the best project will be realized.
    Conceptual part: participants are invited to make sketches of their vision of interaction between architecture and food.
    Project for realization: design for a terrace/veranda and summer pavilions of the cafe.
    Scope of services
    Conceptual project: any sketches on the topic Architecture and Food for the exhibition and publication.
    The project for realization should include the following sketches:
    design of the cafe terrace/veranda, design of few separate pavilions, design of the facade modernization. You can also add: sketches of the interior and exterior lighting, sketches of interiors, furniture and fixtures.
    More details: on the competition website.

    Organizers: professional-technical, architectural and artistic initiative: "NMAXU", "Buffet" restaurant, architectural portal www.cih.ru , Department of Architecture YaSTU.

    The competition consists of two parts: a conceptual and practical, the best project will be realized. Competition website: www.cih.ru/food

    Taste in architecture is like the taste of food.
    Smell, color, taste - this feelings akin the feeling of optic nerves. Pleasure one experiences at the sight of appetizing building is comparable to dinner at a nice restaurant, and the more simple and unassuming ingredients are surprise us the more as a delicious in general could have been built. The pleasure of the experiment: combine salt with spicy at the architectural kitchen... Environment is saturated or nourishing. Architecture, that forcing to applaud to chief. Architecture as a compliment from the chief. The image of the food in the architecture and design of food.
    New alternative architectural competition from the "NMAXU".
    We offer you to prepare delicious architecture beyond typology, functions, rules and regulations, and not be carried away by fast food in the form of American roadside diners: exactly replicate the kind of hot dog, hamburger or a donut. No direct metaphor in thinking is encouraged.
    The best works will be distributed to nominations:
    - The best in the light architecture (snacks)
    - The best basic architecture (hot)
    - The best dessert in the architecture.
    Any questions: competition blog and e-mail: MTFtbGB3dD94YC1xdA==
    Competition is a part of the Social Revolution 2013 festival, Yaroslavl
    Exhibition The additional prizes, publication and exhibition of the projects are also provided by the organizers.
    Project address October Avenue, 56
    RU-150040 Yaroslavl
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