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  • 01.05.2013
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Social Revolution 2013


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    Application deadline 01.05.2013 Application deadline
    Procedure Open competition (for students as well)
    Occupational groups Architects, Architecture students, Art students, Artists, Design students, Designers, Interior design student, Landscape architects, Landscape architecture students, Environmental planners, Lighting designers, Students (general)
    Category new and/or small offices: yes
    Federführung Architekten, Künstler, Landschaftsarchitekten
    Type of building Temporary buildings
    Type of service Architectural design
    Access area weltweit
    Languages English, Russian
    Prize money / Remuneration 1.000 USD zzgl. USt.
    Baukosten 3.000 USD zzgl. USt.
    The Festival of architecture «Social revolution 2013» announces the international competition «PARK’ing»: for making up the design of the urban ecological object.

    Modern city in the magnitude of it’s tasks usually forgets about the human and his essential need in privacy and comfort, his desire of harmony.
    We compete with cars, highways, shopping centers, with each other to find our area for the ​​rest, for a place to «park.»

    The task of the competition is to create these "parks" (‘PARK’ing’ places) - the urban objects for communication of citizens (families, youth, integration of different social and age groups).
    Contestants have the unique opportunity to have a public dialogue with the historical heritage of the 1000 years old Yaroslavl, to construct a bright and functional object and to express in it the unique artistic credo of an author.

    A professional jury will choose 3 winning projects, and 1 project of land art which will be out-of-competition. All projects will be realized in June 2013. Prize for the 1 best project is $1000 in cash.
    Scope of services
    We invite to participate: architects, architectural students of higher educational institutions, artists, designers and other professionals. Age and graduation of the participants are not regulated. Creative teams can participate as well as independent authors.

    The closing date of the competition: May 1, 2013 (inclusive).
    Mail your projects to: MThwJSw4cVkmam0=.

    — Cost-effective materials (cost of materials for the realization of 1 object should not exceed $3000.)
    — Preferred materials — wood and metal
    — Your object should be easy to assemble
    — Safe and anti-vandal design
    — Ecologically friendly
    — An object should have a throughout-a-year exploitation period for different groups of people (including people who are disabled and children).

    The work should include:
    Filled registration form
    — Brief explanatory note, that reveals the main idea of ​​the project (not less than 1 page of text)
    — Not less than 3 images of the project (size of the plates for graphic materials: A3, horizontal format, JPEG / PDF, resolution: 300 dpi). Images can be made in any technique, but they should strictly reflect the ideas of the concept.
    — Plans, sections and elevations at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100
    — Assembly diagrams and necessary components, detailed step-by-step instruction of making up of an object right on the place. Authors’ suggestions of how to make the process of the object’s construction more vivid, memorable for the residents, and popularizing the unique architectural idea.

    Organizers: Yaroslavl City Public Opinion Research and Sociological Research Center, Administration of Kirov and Zavolzhsky Districts, Municipality of Yaroslavl, www.cih.ru, free association "Teplitsa", department of Architecture of Yaroslavl State Technical University, UNESCO — Yaroslavl office

    Competition website: competition.su


    Prize nominations:
    — Grand Prix for the best social project: realization of the object, $1000 in cash, festival diploma.
    — «The best scenario approach to space»: realization of the object, festival diploma, prizes from sponsors.
    — «The best project for the integration of social and age groups»: realization of the object, festival diploma, prizes from sponsors.
    — Land art object: realization of the object, festival diploma, prizes from sponsors.
    All projects, that will be included in the short list of the competition will be published on the «Social Revolution» contest and festival website, and also on the sites of Media partners of the contest.
    Objects will be located in the historical center of the city — on the Tchaikovsky boulevard — the purlieu of townspeople. The process of construction will be an important and a spectacular part of the project. All inhabitants of Yaroslavl and a wide audience from around the world will be able to watch the construction process of the objects by the Internet reviews. Authors may participate in the construction process.
    All festival events are open to contestants.
    Any questions: http://competition.su/r/новости/">blog of the competition.
    Exhibition All competitive projects will be part of the exhibition, which will take start during the festival. Participants will have the opportunity to present their projects and creative methods in the lecture program of the festival.
    Project address Tchaikovsky boulevard
    RU-150040 Yaroslavl

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