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  • 18.11.2011
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THINK SPACE - Unconference - Beyond the Borders


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    Registration deadline 18.11.2011 Registration deadline
    Procedure Konferenz
    Occupational groups Architects, Designers, Students (general), Design students, Studenten der Stadtplanung, Environmental planners, Urban planners, Universities, Colleges, Urbanists, Visualizers
    Category new and/or small offices: yes
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    Ready to re-think space?

    Unconference - Beyond the Borders

    Registration open

    While the fourth competition on Moral Borders is still ongoing, we are opening the call for the final event of the annual cycle The Borders. Zagreb Society of Architects is pleased to announce and invite you to First Think Space Unconference - ‛Beyond the Borders’ on 18 - 20. November 2011 in Lauba House, People and Art House, Zagreb, Croatia.
    Following the four rounds of the conceptual architectural competitions, the final event will be organized together with an award ceremony and exhibition of projects submitted during the architectural competitions in the Think Space Program. Conceived as a series of highly interactive sessions for 300 participants who will lively discuss the topics from the competitions, the final event is planned in the form of the unconference.
    The first Think Space Unconference will enable participants and winners from the four international competitions to meet in Zagreb together with world famous architects, the guest curator and the jurors of the competitions. They will jointly explore the topics and challenges of the each single competition in personal and group encounters.
    The unconference entitled Beyond the Borders is planned as the crowning of the entire cycle and serves both as a platform for experimentation and exchange of ideas and as a physical space / place where network of creative thinkers beyond cultural, geographic or institutional borders gather together. At the end of the cycle an annual publication will integrate the competitions’ results and the discussions and conclusions from the unconference.
    Beyond the Borders unconference is a forum to talk to peers, learn new things, and build new collaborative networks that will send the participants back to their practices energized and ready to re-think the space.
    All the information about the Unconference, the programme and registration are available on the Think Space web site www.think-space.org. Feel free to come up with the proposals or questions on MjE4V1xUXS5iVldcWRthXk9RUxxdYFU= We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in Zagreb.
    Project address HR-10000 Zagreb

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