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  • 17.01.2024
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Kindergarten concept design competition – Kolovicë

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    Anmeldeschluss 17.01.2024 Anmeldeschluss
    Abgabetermin 06.03.2024
    Verfahren Offener Wettbewerb
    Gebäudetyp Kindergärten, Vorschulen
    Art der Leistung Objektplanung Gebäude
    Sprachen Albanisch, Englisch
    Preisgelder/Honorare 10.500 EUR
    Preisrichter Ardit Jedrashi, ...
    "SHAK" (Architectural Service to the Capital) is launching a competition for the design of a new structure, day-care/kindergarten, with the aim of developing a program that establishes a secure and enriching environment for children. This includes the creation of pleasant, effective indoor and outdoor spaces. The competition will take the form of a design competition, with a single phase, representing the most common format for architectural competitions.

    General information:

    Name: Integrated Preschool Institution (IP)
    Location: Kolovicë
    Municipality: Prishtina
    Cadastral Zone: Prishtinë
    Coordinates - 7514594.391; 4726160.300
    WGS84 - 42°40'30"N; 21°10'41"E
    Altitude 697.37 m
    Parcel: 875-1
    Parcel Area for IP: 0.45 ha
    Approximate Length/Width: 85 m’; 65 m’
    Characteristic Features: Sloped terrain
    Capacity: 100 children
    Building Height: Ground floor (P+0) or Ground floor and First floor (P+1)
    Quick Reference
    • Carefully read the brief competition guidelines.
    • Review the submission requirements.
    • Submissions must be made by March 6th at 23:00.
    • All submissions will be posted on our website after the submission deadline.
    • Winners will be announced on the 6th of March.

    Application Criteria
    The application will be open to everyone.
    Each candidate has the right to submit an unlimited number of designs. Each of their creations must be original and specifically conceptualized and executed for this competition. In no way will previously displayed, reviewed, reworked, or similar creations be accepted. It is also required that creators submit a notarized certificate proving that their works are original.
    Candidates must submit an abstract of their concept, which should not be longer than 300 words.
    All applications are anonymous and are referred to only by a unique serial number assigned during submission.
    Presentations should be designed in a way that fully illustrates the design concept, and under no circumstances should they contain the author's signature or other distinctive marks.
    All designs must be submitted in JPEG format, at 300 DPI, and none of the files should exceed a size of 2 MB. All files should be attached to the email sent and should not be included in the text part. Additionally, sending files through services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer is not acceptable.
    Candidates must initiate an email, the first part of which is their application code, which cannot exceed six (6) characters. All emails must use the @gmail.com domain, for example: MTNVdlcuLzA9ZGpeZmkrYGxq. With this email, if selected as the winner, they will be able to verify their identity and claim the prize.
    This is a digital competition, and printed copies will not be accepted.
    The submitted texts can be in the Albanian or English languages.
    The submission MUST NOT include any identification marks such as personal names, company or institutional names, logos, website pages, or email addresses that would compromise the anonymity of the submitters in any of the submission materials.
    Submissions made with delays will not be accepted.
    Participants will receive a confirmation email immediately after submission.

    Registration per Mail to MjExVlliXmM1aF1WYCNWZ1hdXg== or online on the competition website

    Adresse des Bauherren XK-10000 Prishtinë

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