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REUSE THE RUIN - Architecture Summer Workshop — Florence 2024

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    Bewerbungsschluss 31.05.2024 Bewerbungsschluss
    Verfahren Call for Paper
    Berufsgruppen The workshop is open to all the architecture students, currently attending at least the third year of University (or at least 20 years old) and to graduated architects (maximum 35 years old).
    Art der Leistung Forschung, Entwicklung
    Sprache Englisch
    Auslober/Bauherr Reuse Italy
    The fourth edition of "Reuse The Ruin," the summer workshop in Florence organized by Reuse Italy, will take place in the summer of 2024. It invites architecture students and young architects from around the world to come to Florence and learn about architectural restoration from some of the best European architects specializing in this field. (When 19 - 28 July 2024)

    Like its previous three editions, "Reuse the Ruin – Summer Architecture Workshop" is an intensive summer course designed to provide a comprehensive experience in architectural restoration, from theory to practice. It offers a multidisciplinary approach to fully understanding the challenges of restoration projects through various activities: lectures and critiques by international architects, a hands-on design studio focusing on the reconstruction of the study case, Rocca di Sala (Pietrasanta, Lucca), including a site visit, a final public exhibition of the projects and the publishing of a book. Additionally, for the first time, an on-demand introductory online course about the history and theory of restoration is available.

    This experience enables participants to engage with the reuse of an abandoned ruin from the perspective of architectural design. Following a site visit to this year's case study, the "Rocca di Sala" in Pietrasanta, a city renowned for its art and artists, participants will develop a reuse proposal for the ruin. New insights gained from the lectures will be applied in the workshop sessions through a learning-by-doing approach, under the guidance of the academic and international firms' teaching staff. The projects will be showcased in a public final exhibition and featured in a publication.

    The international teaching team includes: H Arquitectes, Carles Enrich, Markus Scherer, Zamboni Associati, Assemble Studio, Studio Wok, and Prof. Maurizio De Vita (Università di Firenze).

    Early registration is until April 30th.
    Regular registration is from May 1st to May 31st.

    Limited positions, selected by portfolio


    Lectures, design studio, eshibition & publication, Introductory online courses

    The workshop is open to all the architecture students, currently attending at least the
    third year of University (or at least 20 years old) and to graduated architects (maximum 35 years old).
    A good knowledge of the English language is highly recommended.
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