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    Astana Railway Station, Kazakhstan; Station Hall Interior View © 2011 atelier4d

    atelier4d Architekten, Berlin (DE) Büroprofil

    In Zusammenarbeit mit:
    Tragwerksplaner: EiSat GmbH, Eisenloffel, Sattler + Partner, Berlin (DE)


    For the new Astana, Capital of Kazakhstan, the natural elements of land, water, light, and air, on the one hand, and man-made gardens, buildings and public structures,
    on the other, are artfully woven together into a unique living environment. The steppe, once a harsh, abstract and dimensionless space, has blossomed into a spacious
    enchanted garden inhabited by people, public structures and buildings.

    The public structures play spectacularly with light, shade and air. Reflections on the water shimmer and glimmer on the bridges, whilst breezes waft through them.
    Recurring regularly throughout the city, the new Astana Main Station plays a primary role in establishing the identity and personality of the capital´s public spaces. It will
    become the very landmark by which one orients oneself and forms a sense of place. Its form, texture and colour will contribute to the clarity of the urban diagram and to the
    ease of transportation throughout Astana. Its boldness, plasticity and elegance are some of the qualities that sets Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, apart and will make it a
    memorable and uniquely desirable flagship city in which to live and work.

    In perfect balance with its environment, the new Astana Main Station will cater for life, people and the senses. Relying primarily on natural means, it will provide a visually
    and thermally delightful shelter for people to wait comfortably or move commodiously from place to place. The appropriateness of its technology, the carefully selected
    palette of materials and the refinement with which it is crafted speak of ecological standards that will become benchmarks for the future.

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